Hakini Yoga Therapy brings the ancient insights of Yoga into a holistic, therapeutic approach for healing and health. Drawing upon powerful Yoga practices and techniques, our work is focused on people dealing with chronic diseases who can greatly benefit from an integrative healing process that works through the natural balance of our body, mind and energy.

The premise of our work is based on the importance of the body-mind connection that is essential in maintaining optimal health and healing of our physical, mental and emotional systems.

The imbalances that occur in the workings of this body-mind connection lead to diseases that often become chronic.

We can tap our innate healing energy that brings body and mind into harmony and balance. Yoga offers a healing path to facilitate this process connecting body and mind through energy. Through movement, breath and mind awareness, we learn how to access our energy for self-healing.

In our commitment to helping others learn how to integrate their body, mind and energy, we offer the Hakini Mudra as our metaphor and inspiration in how to create this for ourselves. Mudras are one of our Yoga techniques and Hakini Mudra one of many expressions used to work with our inner healing power. Hakini Mudra, where the fingertips are placed together, promotes the cooperation between both sides of the brain and recharges the brain’s energy as well as builds up the energy of the lungs.

Eastern sages and doctors say that the body, mind and soul are inherent in every fingertip, finger joint and entire hand. Through our fingers and hands, we can influence every area of our body. Hakini Mudra reflects our commitment to help those in need of healing imbalances within their human body and being and reclaim their true and whole self.