About Yoga Therapy

Yoga is an ancient science dating back more than 5,000 years that enhances health and wellness at all levels:  physical, psychological and spiritual or energetic.  Yoga strengthens the natural connection and balance between our body, mind and energy states that is the foundation for all healing both for maintaining our well-being as well as addressing chronic diseases.  Thus, the word Yoga means union reflecting this innate relationship among all aspects of our human experience.

Yoga combines physical movements called postures with mental awareness or consciousness to stimulate the flow of vital energy called prana.  Yoga Therapy draws upon the path of Yoga to address imbalances and disconnects within our body, mind and energy.  Through Yoga Therapy, we embark upon a healing journey that restores the natural balance and connection between the body and mind through an awakening of our spirit or our true nature.

As we awaken to our true self and gain greater self-knowledge of our unique needs, we move onto our healing journey.  Yoga Therapy sees the healing process as one of bringing body, mind and spirit back to wholeness.  It shows up in how we become more deeply attentive to our body’s sensations and our mind’s thought patterns.  We learn how our body and mind can work in harmony and release unconscious patterns that interfere with our natural healing process.

Yoga Therapy is student-centered, molding the teaching to the needs of the student.  With a focus on the overall well-being of the student, the approach places equal emphasis on the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of being.   This approach is distinct from systems of Yoga where the class structure and content are pre-arranged with more emphasis on the physical aspects in working with the body and the student molds themselves to the form of Yoga being taught.