Examples of Body/Mind Harmony & Disharmony

There are many examples to help us understand the experience of living in harmony or disharmony with our body-mind connection. Here are a few that are easily observable.

  • In our eating, when we eat inappropriately with our body’s natural impulses e.g. ingesting too much or too fast, delay of eating when we feel hunger, eating when we aren’t hungry, choosing foods that aren’t good for us
  • In our body’s elimination process, when we delay relieving ourselves
  • In our physical movements, when we push our bodies past its ‘edge’ into pain and potential injury
  • In our need for rest after exertion, when we keep going as our body’s crave the essential ‘fight from flight’ evident in handling too much stress, not allowing enough time for sleep after a long day of work, continuing to exert effort when the body is weak with illness such as working through a cold.

Living in harmony occurs when we attune the mind to the body’s needs and choose to live in tune with the natural laws such as eating only when hunger, sleeping when we are tired, choosing food that is good for us, eliminating when we need to. Unlike animals who lead healthy lives unconsciously, humans must live natural lives consciously.

So, we have two ways to live in the body-mind relationship:

  • Living naturally in body-mind harmony and able to carry out internal healing and revitalization continuously as it is designed to do, or
  • Living unnaturally in body-mind conflict that depletes our internal healing energy leading to chronic stress, pain or physical diseases and illness.