Our Approach to Yoga Therapy – Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT)

In our Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) approach, we explore the body-mind-energy connection through movement, breath and deep relaxation.  IYT brings together all of the powerful Yoga techniques into a complete package where they can be integrated and utilized for therapeutic group classes or individual work.

Yoga postures (asanas) and breathing (pranayams) exercises coordinate and balance the healing on a physical level while engaging the mind’s awareness through the body’s senses of touch (mudras), hearing (mantras) and sight (visualizations).  All of these Yoga practices lead to a calming of the mind and sets the stage for the deeper healing and relaxation exercises (meditation and yoga nidra) that bring us into harmony with our true nature and spirit.

While Yoga techniques form the basis for treatment in Integrative Yoga Therapy, they are also vehicles for self-knowledge and integration of the whole person which is ultimately the source of healing and regaining health and well-being.  Relief from symptoms is just one facet of the healing process as ITY embraces how we look at the purpose and meaning of life in discerning the true intention of life.